Zinc Phosphate

Coating Line Order

When planning the coating line, details such as process temperatures, shapes of the parts to be coated, and working density should be taken into consideration. Zinc phosphate product suitable for the desired coating weight and coating thickness should be selected.

Immersion Zinc Phosphate Coating Line Flow Chart

Alkaline Degreaser Bath
Rinsing Bath
Rinsing Bath
Activation Bath
Zinc Phosphate Bath
Rinsing Bath
Passivation Bath
Drying Stage


- Acidic solution treatment baths should be made of durable stainless steel material.
- Alkaline and neutral solution treatment baths can be made of stainless steel or durable polypropylene or polyethylene.
- Activation is required for fine crystalline intense zinc phosphate coating.
- Solvent degreasing or sandblasting may be preferred instead of alkaline degreasing.
- For corrosion resistance in accordance with military standards, passivation product product should be used before protective oil treatment.
- In order not to damage the phosphate coating, the drying temperature should not exceed 120 °C.

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