Acidic Degreasing and Cleaning Products

Along with cleaning ability, acidic degreasing is also applied for parts that require oxidated layer removal. This type of products should be used as rust and scale cleaning can be accomplished with acidic chemicals. It can be used for aluminum, iron, steel, zinc alloy parts.

Although acidic degreasing baths can work without the need for heating, degreasing and rust removal would be more effective if it runs at slightly elevated temperature.

Acidic Degreaser

The general ingredients consist of surfactants, emulsifiers, inhibitors and acids (phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, etc.). Bathroom equipment should be made of PP or stainless as the process solutions have strong acidic properties.

It is possible to work in concentrations of 5 - 50% depending on the contamination of the metal surface. The processing time increases as the concentration of the bath decreases. Although high temperatures are not required, heating may be recommended in certain situations, as this will increase the reaction rate with heat. The points to be considered in acidic degreasing baths are total acid and application time. Decreasing the bath concentration lowers the rate of degreasing and replenishment is required.

Abrasion of iron and steel parts can be prevented by using inhibitor containing products. Acid inhibitor minimizes metal wear after rust and scale removal on the metal and extends the life of the treatment bath. Acid inhibitors are generally not required for aluminum surfaces, since slight abrasion is required.

CLEANOL A 28 - Acidic Degreaser / Rust Remover

It is a phosphoric acid based rust remover and degreasing material that can be used with dipping and hand brushing method. It has the feature of cleaning oxidation layer and rusting on the metal at the same time. As it can work at ambient temperature, its efficiency will increase in slightly elevated solution. It is ideal to be used in 10-20% concentrations.

CLEANOL A 38 - Acidic Degreaser / Rust Remover

It contains acid mixtures, emulsifiers, inhibitors and wetting agents. It provides degreasing and rust cleaning from the metal surface. In phosphating lines, rust removal can be achieved by using between degreasing and phosphate coating stage. It is ideal to be used in 10-40% concentrations. It is suitable for iron and steel materials.

CLEANOL ALK 20 T - Acidic Degreaser

It is a degreasing product used in immersion aluminum chromate processes. The treatment gives a suitable surface for chromate coating and subsequent painting by providing proper degreasing and etching. 2-5% concentration, 20-50 °C temperature and 2-10 minutes processing time are ideal.

CLEANOL ALK 90 T - Acidic Degreaser

Degreasing material used before chromating and for general aluminum cleaning. It can work at ambient temperature. Provides a better cleaning in slightly hot solutions. Foam formation is low. It provides suitable surface prior to chromate coating. It is applied at a concentration of 3-5%, at a temperature of 20-50 °C and for a period of 2-7 minutes.

CLEANOL ETC - Acidic Degreaser / Etching

It is a product that provides etching and surface cleaning of aluminum materials by immersion method at ambient temperature. It cleans the aluminum oxide layer by etching with acidic effect and creates the surface suitable for chromate coating. It is suitable to use after alkali degreasing.

CLEANOL D 80 - Acidic Degreaserdiv

It is an acidic degreasing product used at the beginning stage of hot dip galvanizing lines. It performs pre-etching of steel and iron parts together with degrerasing and soot cleaning before acid pickling. Due to being an acidic product, the treated parts can pass directly to the acid baths without rinsing. It is suitable to use in a concentration of 5-10%.

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