Aluminium Conversion Coating Products

Yellow chromate coating ensures better adhesion of the paint to the surface and high corrosion resistance for the parts to be painted on aluminum surfaces. High corrosion resistance is also available for non-painted parts. It meets the required standards in the defense industry.

In order to make yellow chromate coating, the surface must be cleaned from grease, oil and oxide layers. Treatment baths must be made of stainless or polypropylene material. It forms a coating consisting of light yellow to dark yellow on aluminum. As the color gets darker, the coating thickness increases. Chromate baths and the coating itself contain +6 valent chromium (Cr +6). Before the discharge of the schromating solution, a chromium conversion of +3 has to be provided.

Aluminium Coating Products

Green / Transparent chromate coating creates a coating in Cr+3 structure, light green and iridescent color tones on aluminum surfaces. It increases the ability of paint to adhere to the surface and provides effective corrosion resistance. The solution contains Cr+6. For this reason, waste treatment has to be done together with the +3 valued chromium conversion while the solution is discharged.

Today, chrome-free coating applications have started to increase instead of using chromate coating due to human health and environmental reasons. Aluminum passivation is carried out with products containing zirconium, titanium, organic / inorganic binders. A Sufficient standard of paint adhesion is achieved, especially for the parts to be painted.

REMOLINE 660 - Chromate Coating Product

It is a concentrated, easy-to-use product that can be applied as dipping or spraying for aluminum and aluminum alloy parts, forming a variegated iridescent yellow - brown chromate coating. It creates a coating with high adhesion and corrosion resistance. It is preferred before electrostatic powder paint.

REMOLINE 2603 - Chromate Coating Product

Powder form product that increases the corrosion resistance and adherence of the paint for aluminum and its alloys by providing a chromate layer with a light yellow - brown appearance. It can be used by spraying and dipping methods. Although it is used in low concentration, it meets the highest standards in terms of corrosion resistance.

REMOLINE G 11/12 - Chromate Coating Product

Liquid products that form a chromate layer in green or transparent color on aluminum and its alloys according to the conditions of use. It can be used by spraying and dipping methods. Obtained coating prevents the spread of corrosion that will occur after physical impacts on the paint surface.

REMOLINE CF 10/11 - Chrome-free Passivation Product

New generation passivation products that increase the adhesion ability of aluminum materials and create a thinner and colorless coating compared to chromate coatings. It does not contain chrome and heavy metals. Use of deionized water before and after the treatment is mandatory. It can be applied by spray or dipping methods.

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