Corrosion Preventer Products

Metal parts that are phosphate coated or are subject to degreasing are not resistant to corrosion. Corrosion prevention products form a layer on the metal, prevent the metal from contact with air and protect the metal against rust and oxidation. If the parts will wait for a few days' time, it is appropriate to protect them with corrosion preventer chemicals to prevent rust formation until the next treatment (paint, wax, protective oil, etc.).

Corrosion Preventer products prevent metal parts in the water from rusting constantly. It is added to the water used in the leak tests in the production of radiators, tube condensers and similar parts, allowing long-term use of these solutions without color change.

Corrosion Preventive Compounds
ANTICOR R 30 - Corrosion Preventer

Concentrated product that is suitable for use for iron and steel parts, applied by dipping or spraying method. Provides short-term corrosion resistance. It can be used after phosphate coating or after degreasing bath. It can be used in leakage tests solutions.

ANTICOR R 7 - Corrosion Preventer

Amine based product used as dipping or spraying to protect iron, steel and cast parts against corrosion. Provides short-term protection to the parts after degreasing. It does not contain chromate and nitrite. Suitable for anti-corrosion purposes in leak tests.

ANTICOR R 20 - Corrosion Preventer

Economical product used as dipping or spraying to protect metal parts against rust. It is suitable to use for materials that have been degreased. It can be used as an anti-corrosion product in sealing and leak detection tests.

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