Neutral Degreasing and Cleaning Products

Neutral degreasing products are preferred to ensure non-ferrous metals are cleaned without ethcing, abrasion, matting and tarnishing. They are used only for degreasing job without affecting the appearance of soft metals such as aluminum, zamak, brass, and copper, since they are not strongly acidic or alkaline in nature. For the lines that do not have rinsing stage after degreasing, products that do not leave residue and salt on the surface are included in this group.

They are preferred because they are used in phosphate coating or zirconium coating baths at low concentrations, do not need high operating temperature and have sufficient degreasing performance.

Neutral Degreaser

The biggest advantage of this type of products is that there is no need for alkali degreasing bath in the facility so that iron phosphate/zirconium coating and degreasing process can be performed in the same treatment bath. In this way, free space is gained in the working area.

Another usage area; it is used in spray iron phosphate or zirconium coating lines to increase the degreasing effect. In this type of treatment baths, the pH of the solution is not affected since the pH is in the range of 4 - 6, so degreasing and iron phosphate/zirconium coating can be performed in the same single bath.

CLEANOL N 50 - Immersion / Spray / Ultrasonic Degreaser

It can be used in iron, steel, copper, zamak, brass, aluminum and galvanized parts to remove heavy grease layer without blackening. With the help of the inhibitor it contains, it has the feature of protecting metal parts from oxidation and rusting. It can be used in ultrasonic and immersion baths as well as in spray baths.

CLEANOL N 75 - Spray / Ultrasonic Degreaser

It is a slightly alkaline product containing effective surface active materials and phosphate salts, used in the metal industry before surface treatment of iron, steel and non-ferrous materials. It can be used by spraying or ultrasonic method. It is suitable for cleaning heavy oily and dirty parts.

PHORYL 505 A - Spray Degreaser

It can be used alone or as a degreaser additive in iron phosphate coating baths. When added with low amount into iron phosphate coating solutions, the parts are both cleaned and phosphated. It contains blends of effective surfactants. It is suitable for iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum and galvanized surfaces.

PHORYL ZR 10 - Spray Degreaser

It is used as degreasing additive in zirconium coating baths. Coating and degreasing process can be performed in the same treatment bath. It contains surface active chemicals compatible with zirconium coating. It is sufficient to use as low concentration as 0.1 - 0.3%. It is suitable for iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum and galvanized surfaces.

CLENAOL W - Neutral Degreaser

Degreasing product used in general metal industry. It is effective for wax cleaning. It can be applied at high temperature and concentration depending on the difficulty of the cleaning job. It can be used for cleaning of production areas and maintenance-repair parts in factories. It is suitable to be used by spraying or hand brushing method.

PHORYL SK 108 - Spray Degreaser

In general metal processing industry, it is an effective product mixture of surfactants that can be used in degreasing baths for iron, steel, cast, aluminum and galvanized steel surfaces, as an additive to the degreasing solution or as a degreasing product alone. It is applied by spraying method.

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