Reactive Soap Products for Steel Wire and Tube

Reactive soap products are used in the wire drawing and tube drawing industry before cold forming. Zinc phosphate coating process is applied after the wire coils are cleaned in acid pickling bath. After the zinc phosphate coating process, wires, rods or tubes to be drawn from die or mold enter the reactive soap bath to increase the surface glide. The metal surface covered with soap coating passes through the die comfortably and the drawing speeds can be increased.

Along with visually good appearance it provides a very good corrosion resistance during stock and transportation.

Reactive Soap

PHORYLUBE W 80 - Reactive Soap Product

It is a semi-reactive soap coating product with long bath life used after zinc phosphating in wire and tube drawing process. Wire or tubes are completely covered with reactive soap by dipping method. It is chemically bonded to the zinc phosphate layer, providing effective lubrication for demanding high speed cold drafting operations.

PHORYLUBE W 20 - Reactive Soap Product

Reactive soap product that forms a thick soap layer on the zinc phosphate coating before the cold drawing process of steel wires and tubes. Coating density can be kept low or high depending on concentration and application temperature. It allows demanding cold drawing operations.

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